Time Out!

You’ve all heard the express ‘time is a great healer’ and I saw this wonderful poem by Mark Allen (in Belfast):

They say that ‘Time is a great healer’
but one year on, it isn’t.

The reality is that time blurs and erodes memory.
While pleasure is hard to find
it helps you forget […]

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Not my decision

It is with sadness that I have to thank you all for your incredible support and understanding, as we’ve gone through this period.

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White to Pink in a matter of minutes …

Friday was one of the most difficult days of my life!  It became what we believed was ‘decision day’.

My partner, R walked out of the bedroom with Smudge and we both looked at him.  It was clearly a question of ‘what quality of life?’  Amongst tears we talked about not letting […]

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Helpless not Hopeless?

After writing last week’s article – Challenging!- I began to feel that I could deal with the emotions that were very close to the surface.  With some of the challenges that we are facing, it did bring a lot of things into perspective.  Each day is so precious!

“There are some advantages of […]

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Today is one of those days when you truly feel helpless!

For the past 10-days we’ve been fighting to save Smudge’s life.  He’s just not eating!  It’s a couple of weeks away from being a year since he turned up on our pathway and the past two weeks we’ve seen his health […]

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Up … Down … Up … Down

I’ve just realised that there haven’t been any updates about Smudge since April.  Yesterday eleven months ago we found him crouched down outside the front patio – too weak to climb the stairs to the front door (http://www.nyasa.biz/smudge/a-smudge/).

The summer months have been interesting ones as we’ve watched Smudge explore outdoors on […]

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Corners!  Who’d have them?

The last couple of months have been fabulous, worrying, interesting, and enlightening. 

Smudge’s 4-wheel drive still isn’t working (Mischief! Minx!); but after six months with us he is just loving life!  I sit at my pc in the morning and look at emails … negative … problems … challenges … and then I […]

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Wow! Wouldn’t that be incredible …

I was sitting publishing last week’s magazine when my partner (R) exclaimed! I went over to his computer to discover that at least two of our cats could be with us for the next 20 – 30 years!

R was reading an article entitled ‘Bedford cat which was ‘runt of the litter’ turns 27‘. We will […]

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Mischief! Minx!

Corners! Steps! We are taking them all at a rush!

I sat quietly this morning watching Smudge rush around! 
Stitches still in his right eye!
Nothing to stop him – so much energy.

R walked in and said ‘finished destroying the house yet?’ as Smudge’s 4-wheel-drive stopped working again. 
He’s rushing around so fast that corners are a challenge!  I […]

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Awakened Soul!

The article ‘The Squirrel and a Soldier’ brought home some true feelings about abandoned animals. Smudge has just undergone his second operation! He is at home today as I write this with stitches across where his right eye should be.

The operation was scheduled for last week, but our Vet explained that he would prefer a […]

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