Corners! Steps! We are taking them all at a rush!

I sat quietly this morning watching Smudge rush around! 
Stitches still in his right eye!
Nothing to stop him – so much energy.

R walked in and said ‘finished destroying the house yet?’ as Smudge’s 4-wheel-drive stopped working again. 
He’s rushing around so fast that corners are a challenge!  I think that the Top Gear team would be proud of the way he skids around each corner!

I went upstairs!  Of course he joined me!  He was at the bedroom door long before I could get there. 
Ready … Steady … Go! 
He shot in as though he was on a racetrack … came to sudden halt at the end of the bedroom as he skidded into the wall, while trying to turn left at the same time. 

Four months!  That’s all it’s been!  Four months! and we’ve gone from a little cat who couldn’t climb the front stairs to one who should be on the Formula 1 race track.  

Even in those harder moments, this is a little character that brings a smile to your face.  Not only has he mastered climbing onto the balastrate … sleeping in the saddle … curling up with one of the other cats … sleeping in the sink in the pantry … climbing onto of the deep-freeze; every time R sits down for a quiet cup of team – Smudge joins him!  Another step – he’s now beginning to jump up onto the arm of R’s chair, step onto his lap, and curl up.

Friends at last!

Ping, Pong Balls … Slippers … Cardboard tubes
I’m ready to play!  Are you?

OK … boots – now they are much more fun!

Bored! I’m off to explore …

 You never thought I’d be able to climb … top of the freeze is easy!

 … yes I can get onto the balastrade!

Makes sleeping on the saddle easy!

 Playtime outside! 
I’m not often allowed out as I’ve been so ill …
but today was warm (for a January winter day) and sunny.