Today is one of those days when you truly feel helpless!

For the past 10-days we’ve been fighting to save Smudge’s life.  He’s just not eating!  It’s a couple of weeks away from being a year since he turned up on our pathway and the past two weeks we’ve seen his health deteriorate rapidly.  With the exception of one day, my partner R and Smudge have visited the Vet every day during this time.  Poor Smudge!

After today’s visit we know that he knows we are still trying to help – he growled at the Vet and then growled at R and then decided to really show how he felt about another injection as well as a trip in the car – he nipped R!

So his fighting spirit is still there.

After everything he has suffered in his short life span; he is suffering again – we now think that we have to find a way to help him fight the FelV (Feline Leukemia Virus).  More time spent on the internet … more research … more distressing information and stories, but a glimmer of hope when someone says ‘finding the right solution and your cat can live a normal cat life-span’.

I know that keeping him alive when he has no quality of life is not fair to him; but when do you make that decision?  How do you determine he has no quality of life?

Our Vet is doing another range of blood tests on Thursday 19th, thankfully using what will be his newly installed blood testing machine.  This means that rather than send the blood off to the laboratory with a range of test requests, he can continue to test his blood for all sorts of things.  The worrying thing for me though, is that he has to have another general anesthetic.  The blood for the blood tests is taken from the jugular!

With a range of minerals now coursing around his body from today’s injection and a course of minerals to give him over the next week, we’ll be ‘feeding’ him a yoghurt-drink like protein and mineral mixture for the next two days to see if (1) we can get some sustenance into him and (2) encourage him to want to eat again.

So all I can ask you to do today is to help us give Smudge the love and support he needs please!