The Wheel of Life is used to represent a helicopter view of the segments of your life as it is today.  The segments are represented by the spokes of the wheel.  As you move through each phase of your life, you have more options in each segment and through the decisions you take (consciously or unconsciously) the segments will become more defined.

2015-01_01For example the Holistic Wholeness Wheel of Life includes defining your future, your health, your environment (personal and professional), your wealth (and not only referring to money and finances), your decluttering (not only physically but mentally too), your grown (personal and professional), you, your energy (physical and mental), your relationships (all of them), your time (and how you spend it), your spirituality (and what this means to you), and your fitness (physically and mentally).  Other wheels of life may include personal development, business plans and development, hobbies, interests, fun, excitement, travel, holidays, and the list goes on.  Your wheel of life is yours and is not one that someone else has created for you.

The Wheel of Life that I have used in this article is the one that I use in my Creating Sustainable Change book and programme.


It is important that you have no interruptions while you do this exercise.

Taking your life as it is today and write down all the areas of importance in your life.  There is no right and there is no wrong when you define the segments in your life – whatever you decide the segments are, these are the segments you want to identify as the important elements in your life.  There is no right and there is no wrong to the number of segments you have in your life, although I would caution you to group like elements together e.g. ‘health’ could incorporate ‘physical fitness’, ‘fitness’, ‘optimum health’ from our list above.

Remember in today’s exercise you are looking at your life as it is today.  Therefore some of the segments or elements of segments you are thinking of may relate to your past or to your future and you can use this information as you take each step towards creating your own Holistic Wholeness Future, but in today’s exercise you want to work with the segments in your life today.

Now draw yourself a circle with rings to identify the levels of satisfaction (from 0 in the centre to 10 as the outer ring) in your life and spokes to identify the segments of your life.  This ring has 12 segments, but your circle must have as many or as few as you have defined in your life today.


Once you have drawn your Wheel of Life, enter onto it all your OWN segments for your life as your life is today.  Don’t enter past segments that are not in your life today or future segments that you want to bring in.


Clear your mind of all your current thoughts – work, spouse/partner, children, friends, customers, or anything else.  Turn off your mobile!  It is important that you have no interruptions while you do this exercise.

Take a few minutes to draw in your levels of satisfaction in each area of your life (like the example below) as your life is today and not as you would like your life to be.  It is important as you are drawing in the levels of satisfaction in your life as it is today, in your own wheel that you draw in the first response and do not analyse as you are drawing.  Analysing at this time can produce inaccurate results.

You need to rank your level of satisfaction in each segment, by drawing across each segment of the wheel a straight or curved line.  Where an area is represented as low satisfaction, draw it closer to the centre of the wheel.  Where an area is represented as high satisfaction, draw it closer to the outer rim of the wheel.

Take for example, business plans – have you got any, if you have when did you last look at them – are they representative of what you are trying to achieve in your business?

If you look at the Wheel of Life take the centre of wheel as ‘0’ which represents the low areas in your life, and the outer ring as ‘10’ to represent the high areas of your life.

NOW rank your life as it is TODAY in each segment of your life!


After ranking each segment of your life to truly understand your own balance, you need to join up these lines.  This will give you your own new outer rim which creates your own Wheel of Life.

Does your Wheel of Life look something like this one?



If you take the red line as your own wheel of life rim, what would it be like if you started to drive your car with a wheel of this shape?

Uncomfortable … Uneven … in some ways Dangerous.

Balanced doesn’t mean that each element of your life has to be set to ‘10’; but should be more evenly balanced.  A life where the elements are found, for example between 7 and 8 means a life that is more evenly balanced.

To learn more about using the Wheel of Life, from creating your own, through ranking your own life, to understanding and working with results, please contact Barbara.

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