Holistic Practitioner, Coach, Mentor, Editor & Author

You know how people always want more happiness and less discomfort in their lives.  Well that’s exactly what Dawn Campbell, Master Health Coach, Author and Holistic Practitioner helps clients achieve.

Working together, self-sabotaging behaviour is identified and replaced with positive habits.  Following which, clients experience the joys of inner-happiness, blooming confident, sexier lives filled with vital health.

Freelance for 10 years following a 20 year successful corporate career, Dawn has created a thriving health practice around her home and lifestyle.  Thereby offering fellow health seekers an oasis to rebuild, rejuvenate and revitalise their mind, body and spirit.

A lifelong vegetarian, Dawns experience includes being a high raw vegan chef following a natural hygiene lifestyle. By her own admission, her family live the ‘good life’.  Financially free, they continually strive to be self-sufficient which adds to their contentment.  At 50 years old, she’s happier, healthier and fitter than ever so must be doing something right!

Dawn’s also a ’Heal your life’ teacher; Callahan trained Thought Field Therapist and Mentor Coach for Noble Manhattan, Europe’s leading coach training providers.  She’s currently studying Naturopathy and Life Science.

Dawn’s ethos is no-one knows our body better than we do. Therefore, her mission is to educate, empower and encourage others to reclaim responsibility for their health and become their own health guru.

Dawn would be honoured to be included in your dream team supporting you achieve your goals, after all, if we don’t look after our bodies, where else will we live?

“BBC radio interviews, writing for national and local press, presentations, in-house company training and workshops with 1 -1 follow up sessions mean that hundreds of clients have benefited from Dawns result orientated supportive style“.
Erica Connelly, Business Link, UK

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