Coaching is a wonderful journey of …

… self-discovery and achievement!

There are so many different definitions of coaching; and in what Bernard Edmonds said ‘to do anything that you want to do, that is the strength of the human mind’; he is right.  Having the strength of mind to succeed will allow you to succeed without the support of anyone; but the benefit of working with a coach is that it is an interactive process that supports you in your growth.

Coaching is all about you! and focuses on positive change, starting with where you are today and working towards your future.  Coaching acknowledges and recognises your dreams and aspirations, helps you to define and set clear and successful goals, and step-by-step work towards your achievements and successes.

… self-discovery!

Coaches work with true, tried and proven processes; and in doing so, working with a coach gives you the opportunity to discover yourself.  In some ways to discover those things that you’ve forgotten you can do, will do, want to do; whilst in other ways to discover the strength and opportunity to develop new skills, knowledge, and experiences.  Coaching is a journey filled with opportunities, learning, emotions, and successes, through which you will stretch yourself.  The actions that you select to take will generate very rewarding achievements and insights.  You will become more self-aware; learn more about your values; identify and change any limiting beliefs; recognise and change any un-supportive habits; and move forward from where you are today into the future you design for yourself.  

… achievement!

Coaching is not a therapy, counselling, psychotherapy or mentoring.  A coach is a trained professional, who can help you draw out, learn and develop those abilities that have been dormant for too long. A coach will ask just the right questions, providing challenges and support, to assist you in:

  • remembering your dreams, your aspirations
  • developing your goals – those all-important ‘things’ that you want to have or achieve
  • support you through each step in achieving your goals
  • in other words, helping you to design and create your life. 

.Spiritual Coaching is a wonderful journey of …

… intuitive self-discovery and achievement!

Spiritual Coaching is taking coaching to a deeper level.  Spiritual coaching uses the same tried, tested and proven processes.  It works with your Mind, Body, and Spirit, and will connect at your deepest level.  You will become aware of how each element of your Mind, Body, and Spirit work and allow yourself to make the changes you want to make to these elements, such that they work as one.

The word ‘spiritual’ is your definition.  It may or may not mean religion.  It may or may not mean intuition.  It may or may not mean soul.  Whatever it means to you, Spiritual Coaching is simply a way of allowing yourself to become aware of who you are at your deepest level.  In other words it is a way of connecting with your true self (your inner-self).

Spiritual coaching supports you in looking for and defining your life purpose, setting goals that are not only achievable, but are also congruent with your spiritual self; such that when you successfully achieve your goal you will feel completely fulfilled. 

When working with a spiritual coach you will be challenged in ways that the normal coaching process doesn’t include.  In addition to ‘normal’ coaching questions; you maybe asked questions around what you are hearing from the Universe, what your intuition is truly telling you, how your energies are feeling, and many others.

Remember coaching includes challenging preconceived ideas and gives you the opportunity to see things in a different way.  Spiritual coaching gives you the opportunity to challenge these preconceived ideas from a deeper level.

Whatever coaching means to you, spiritual coaching will allow you to make the changes you want to make to your life in a balanced and holistic manner.  The level of self-discovery, the level of changes, the level of challenges, the level of achievements is up to you!

Coaching can be on a one-2-one basis between two people or in a group or team environment.  Whichever basis is selected, all conversations and discussions between you and your coach are confidential. 

Coaching is a happy experience and has a fulfilling and positive impact on your life.

Coaching is a wonderful journey of self-discovery and achievement!

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