start-your-journey_workWorking with a qualified coach or mentor, will  give you the opportunity to work with someone who is:

  • is not judgemental
  • is not directional
    – even when you are working with a mentor, your mentor will not direct you to making a specific decision
  • will work in partnership with you
  • be your sounding board
  • in coaching, not an expert, a problem solver, a teacher, an adviser, a guide, or an instructor
  • in mentoring, an expert, a problem solver, a teacher, an adviser, a guide, an instructor
  • is a facilitator and will facilitate the space you need to be able to create and develop your dreams, one step at a time
  • raise your awareness of your own strengths, knowledge, experience, and skills
  • raise your awareness of your own achievements
  • will work with your agenda or topic
  • is flexible.

What you will get is an on-going ‘achievements partner‘ working in a supportive partnership; that will help you focus on what you want to achieve, and help you achieve the results that you are looking for – in your personal and/or in your professional life.

By selecting to work with coaches and mentors from The Nyasa Partnership, you will not only achieve the goals you set out to achieve, you will also achieve your dreams, enhance the quality of your life and of the lives of those around you; and will be able to face life’s challenges with a renewed sense of optimism and motivation.

It does not matter what skills and resources you have or what skills and resources you need, your coach or mentor will help you to unlock your capabilities and open the floodgates to your unlimited potential.

The coaching and mentoring programmes are designed around your requirements.  They will be take into account the availability that you have to work through the actions you select to take away from each session and will be scheduled around your current commitments.

1-2-1 coaching or mentoring with The Nyasa Partnership Limited is more often done on the phone or by skype; but if you would prefer face-2-face coaching just let us know.

Stop Wishing, Start Achieving

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