start-your-journeyAre you spending too much time at work?

Are you spending too little time with your family and friends?

What time do you have to play sports?
and/or keep fit?
or for hobbies?

Are you spending too little time or not enough time
on those areas of your life that are important to you?

If you answer is ‘YES’ to one or more of these questions following this programme will allow you to:

  • in your first month work through a number of exercises to determine and define an action plan for those areas of your life that are currently unbalanced.
  • in the following months you will be working through further activities to enable you to make the changes that you want to make.
  • or you can select to participate in a 3-day workshop which will take you through a range of activities from starting to define and implement the changes you want to make; to knowing what you will do in the days, weeks, and months after the workshop.

This programme will allow you to determine which areas of your life are important to you, and where you want to be spending your valuable time. 

 This programme allows you to take full control of your work/personal life balance.

Contact us to re-balance your work, professional, and personal life.