start-your-journeySpiritually intuitive, I use  many techniques to provide the assistance you are looking for when you are working to define your future.

This is in addition to working as a coach or mentor to help you achieve your future.


Intuition is simply the direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process.  It is recognised as the ability to acquire knowledge without inference.  The word intuition comes from Latin verb intueri which means to look inside or to contemplate.  

Intuition is often conceived as a kind of inner perception, sometimes regarded as real lucidity or understanding.  Intuition can provide answers, views, understandings, judgements, or beliefs that we cannot in every case empirically verify or rationally justify.


Clairvoyance is the art of ‘seeing’ with senses beyond the five we normally use.
Once you have opened your clairvoyant gifts, it is like any other exercise – it gets easier and easier.


Meditation is more and more officially recommended by doctors and scientists.

Meditation is effective, it is really not difficult, vague or scary, and it is not something that only certain kinds of people can do. Learning meditation techniques reduces stress and allows you to look at each day with a new perspective.

During our discussions about meditation techniques we will try to take any prejudices away.  We will try to answer all your questions.


Numerology is the study of numbers, and the manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies.


A consultation can:

  • help put things into perspective.  It can bring clarity to decision making and as such bring peace of mind.
  • help you to discover your core passions and creativity.
  • be used when you need affirmation or confirmation of something you are experiencing.
  • help you to discover blocks in your life that are preventing you from being inwardly and outwardly successful.
  • help you with any change in your life, from career changes to moving.

During a consultation you can ask questions about any area of your life.

How the Intuitive Consultations work, and how to get the best from your consultations:

  • Create the right atmosphere.
  • Being willing to participate.
  • Having realistic expectations.
  • Ask for clarification when it is needed.
  • Being on time for your appointment. 

 Contact us to book a Spiritually Intuitive coaching or mentoring consultation.